About Krysten

Hello!! Thank you for visiting my site Krysten’s Custom Craves, where Every Batch is Made From Scratch!! I’m Krysten. I’m a wife, baker, blogger, author, cooking instructor, entrepreneur, and all around lover of food, especially a great brunch.  I love being creative, not just in the kitchen but around the house as well.  If I could I would bake, cook and create new things all day long.  

A little about myself before telling you about my love for food.  I grew up in Queens, NY, and around the age of 13 my family moved to Long Island. Which is when my love for food began to grow. I began to show more of an interest in what my mom was making in the kitchen, and I sometimes made things on my own.  I began cooking breakfast,  dinner and more. I began to do research recipes to learn how to make different things like cookies, cakes, and pancakes from scratch.  Fast forward several years, I went to culinary school to fine tune my cooking skills.  In 2010 I opened a luncheonette which I owned and operated for four years. I loved running the business. After closing the business I decided to go back to school and pursue my Masters Degree. In 2017 I started this business Krysten’s Custom Craves. I make Cookies,  Brownies, Blondies and hot drink mix as well as other goodies, and I can ship them anywhere in the U.S as well as provide catering services in the Charlotte area.

In July of 2017 I married my husband my number one food taster Jeremy.  We moved to Charlotte, NC.  We are true soul mates, he also loves being creative. We enjoy doing projects around the house together. Most of the time I’ll have an idea and ask Jeremy how we could execute it.  Two of our most recent projects were designing out dining room table, and painting accent walls in various rooms.  Our most recent project are our dining room table and painting an accent wall in our loft space.  Jeremy built a live edge table for our dining room, and I drew a monogram in the middle of the table. 

Now enough about me and Jeremy. Let me tell you more about my love for food. I’ve decided to write this blog because I LOVE food, especially breakfast and sweets.  Who doesn’t love breakfast foods, like pancakes🥞, waffles and BACON 🥓what’s better than that??? Oh yea, and I can’t forget about the Mimosas 🍾 and Bellinis 🥂…. You can’t have a great brunch without those delicious beverages. LOL!!! 😂🤣😂

I’ve mentioned that I love sweets. My favorite dessert depends on what I have a taste for that day.  Sometimes its donuts, but it could be sweet potato pie, apple pie, or  how could I forget my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Ice cream pralines and cream. My favorite breakfast food is French Toast, and for a beverage I love a great white Sangria.   

I think about food 24/7. I would say at  least 70% of my day is spent scrolling Instagram looking at pictures of food. Food that I want to make or want to eat. I even write down the names of restaurants tailgating I want to try. I’m a true foodie. I literally dream about recipes.  Often times when developing a recipe I’ll literally sleep on an idea and technique. When I go to bed I’ll have an idea and wake up with thoughts of how I’ll execute it. 

With all that being said. I hope you enjoy Krysten’s Custom Craves.  This is my platform for sharing my love of cooking an unforgettable breakfast, baking mouth watering sweets and quenching my thirsts with irresistible beverages. I’m so anxious to share this with all of you.