About Me

About Me

Hello and welcome to Krysten's Custom Craves, where every batch is made from scratch!

I’m Krysten. A wife, instructor, blogger, author, chef, and all around lover of food (especially a great brunch).  I love being creative, not just in the kitchen but around the house, as well.  If I could, I would bake, cook, and create new things all day long. 

A little about myself before telling you about my love for food:

I grew up in Queens, New York, and around the age of 13 my family moved to Long Island, which is where my love for food started to grow. As a teen, I developed a growing interest in what my mom was making in the kitchen, and I sometimes made things on my own, too.  I cooked breakfast and dinner for my family, and researched new recipes. I really enjoyed learning and teaching myself how to bake from scratch. 

Fast forward several years to culinary school, where I fine-tuned my cooking skills.  In 2010, I opened my own luncheonette, which I operated for four years. I loved running the business and created customized meal plans for clients struggling with weight loss and also made meals for clients with dietary restrictions. 

After closing the business, I decided to go back to school and pursue two Master’s Degrees.

In July of 2017, I married my husband and my number one food taster, Jeremy.  A year later, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where we still live today.  

We are true soul mates. He also loves being creative and we both enjoy doing projects around the house together. Most of the time I’ll have an idea and ask Jeremy how we could execute it.  Some of our recent projects have been building our dining room table. We also painted various accent walls in our house.  Jeremy built a live-edge table for our dining room, and I drew a monogram in the middle of the table. When it comes to the painting he’s the “taper” and I’m the painter, LOL!


Let me tell you more about my love for food!

I love teaching people how to be successful in the kitchen, sharing my knowledge about cooking techniques, knife skills, and recipe tricks, and more.

When you know how to apply different techniques you can make just about anything. 

I think everyone needs a few key recipes in their arsenal that they can prepare very well for a small or large group of people. Food is a a connector between people, creates memories, and play a big part in all of our lives. Which is why  I think it’s so important to have good go-to staples in your back pocket. 


I think about food 24/7. 

I would say at  least 70% of my day is spent scrolling Instagram looking at pictures of food and recipes that I want to make or eat. I even write down the names of restaurants that I want to try. I’m a true foodie. 

I literally dream about recipes.  When developing a recipe, I’ll often go to bed and think about an idea and technique―and wake up with fresh ideas and plans for how I’ll create and execute on that new recipe.


I hope you enjoy Krysten’s Custom Craves!

This is my platform for sharing my love of cooking unforgettable food, thirst quenching beverages, mouth watering sweets, and some fun and amazing cooking tips.  

Step-by-step instruction

Demystifying complex cooking concepts, for every cooking level.

Delicious recipes guarantee

Carefully created and curated recipes, from my kitchen to yours.

Clear audio & video

Enjoy easy-to-follow video tutorials — in the comfort of your own home.

What my students say about the courses

I had such a blast in Krysten’s virtual cooking class this past Friday! The recipe was easy to follow and it turned out delicious! My friends were so impressed by the meal. We had a nice time engaging with Krysten and others in the class while we cooked.

Krysten was helpful in answering our cooking questions and making sure we were all on track before moving on.

Can’t wait to take another one!

Kim P.

The menus are delicious and recipes easy to follow even after the class. Krysten is incredibly talented and a great instructor. She is attentive and clear with all directions and gives great adjustments for your dietary needs.

I also bought cookies and blondies and all were delicious!

Serena Lewis

I had so much fun doing an online virtual cooking class with Krysten! Highly recommend!

Jenn BH

My kids loved this cooking class! My daughter was asking about doing it again before we even left. Krysten is very nice and worked very well with our children. They brought home what they made and it tastes great!

Thanks for the experience Krysten, they'll be back!

Al D.